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Welcome to Northern Environmental Consulting & Analysis, Inc (NECA) or Northern Environmental Consulting.
We are a small environmental consulting firm that offers professional services in the area of science-based research, journal paper preparation, report review and environmental survey design and analysis. The firm provides advice to the Canadian federal and territorial governments, First Nations and Inuit, and the private sector on issues related to the risks to the environment from contaminated sites and the presence of man-made chemicals in fish and wildlife. Agreements with major consulting firms broaden the scope and client base of the company.
Recent projects on ecological risk assessment, radionuclide and metal toxicity to wildlife and assessment of the environmental effects of oil and gas in the Arctic are listed here.
Projects conducted in the last ten years have focussed on several major areas:
  • statistical analysis of data from environmental surveys of radioactivity, organochlorine pesticides, metals or hydrocarbons in water, soil or biota,
  • ecological risk assessment and management,
  • environmental survey and design,
  • liaising with northern communities regarding environmental concerns,
  • abandoned mine site assessments in Canada's North,
  • literature summaries and report review.
NECA provides several services for clients related to the collection of samples, overseeing and coordinating the chemical analysis of samples at CALA certified laboratories, and the statistical analysis and interpretation of the data. Field work often involves traveling to remote areas of the Canada's Northwest Territories and western provinces. Literature research can be conducted on-line or through one of the local universities. In the past few years, the principal consultant for NECA has attended international meetings in Tromso and Narvik, Norway, Copenhagen, Denmark, and St. Petersberg, Russia as well as conducting several mine assessments in northern Canada.
Photographs from some field programs are shown here.